What We Do

The European ethanol sector is highly regulated. Confronted with often complex legislation, the European ethanol industry needs an effective voice at the EU level. ePURE is the unified voice of the European renewable ethanol industry, representing our members’ interests to the EU institutions, industry stakeholders, the media and general public.

Key policy areas in which ePURE represents the industry include:


Biofuels and Alternative Fuels




Research & Development


Trade & Customs


ePURE supports and represents its members,
and the European renewable ethanol industry as a whole, by:

Providing a platform for sharing knowledge and insight on evolving industry developments

Working towards the improvement of the international economic and legal environment in which the industry operates

Providing accurate and timely information to members, policymakers, the media and the general public

Speaking authoritatively for the renewable ethanol industry at key international events

Engaging in a range of communication activities and organising the annual European renewable ethanol policy conference

“ePURE commits itself to producing renewable ethanol according to stringent EU sustainability criteria to help decarbonise the transport sector; diversify energy supply; create job and investment opportunities for the European rural economy and stimulate technological innovation. The European ethanol sector is developing rapidly, and needs a clear and stable policy environment for continued investment into research and the deployment of new technologies throughout the ethanol value chain.” 

David Carpintero, Director General, ePURE

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