Emissions Reduction

Ethanol is today’s best CO2 abatement option… and tomorrow’s

Europe needs immediate action to fight climate change. Road transport accounts for about a fifth of EU greenhouse-gas emissions. Sustainable biofuels like European ethanol are among the best solutions available today to help reduce emissions.

Immediate impact

Renewable European ethanol reduces greenhouse-gas emissions from today’s vehicles – more than 78% on average for ePURE members in 2022 compared to fossil petrol – and it works in nearly all petrol cars currently on the road. Every year since 2011, the certified GHG emissions savings from production and use of ethanol from ePURE members has improved. A wider uptake of renewable ethanol requires no changes to existing transport infrastructure and is a convenient, user-friendly way that consumers can make an immediate impact in the fight against climate change.

A fuel for the future

But ethanol can make an even bigger impact in the future, as its greenhouse gas reduction ability keeps improving. With more countries adopting E10 ethanol blend as a standard petrol grade, and with some countries looking at even higher blends of ethanol, we can achieve even greater emissions-reduction results. Click here to see how much better EU countries could do at reducing emissions by adopting E10 or higher ethanol blends.

Even as the market share of electric cars increases, petrol cars and hybrids will remain the predominant auto class on Europe’s roads for decades. Low-carbon liquid fuels such as ethanol are a proven, cost-effective way to decarbonise them.

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