Agriculture & Rural Development

Ethanol is a European solution important to farmers and the rural economy

Ethanol production is an important source of income for Europe’s farmers, and it boosts rural economies. Promoting its production and use offsets need for imports of crude oil and animal feed and conforms to EU sustainability ideals. Renewable ethanol is a vital part of Europe’s growing bio-based economy, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Food & fuel

Fuel ethanol production contributes to Europe’s food supply. Every tonne of grain used by the European ethanol industry produces as much high-protein animal feed as it does climate-friendly fuel. In 2022, ePURE members’ ethanol biorefineries produced 5.9 million tonnes of food and high-protein, high-quality animal feed – more food and feed than fuel.

That means European ethanol is a home-grown solution. Ethanol production in Europe helps offset the heavy EU reliance on imported protein for animal feed use.

Production of ethanol has almost no impact on food prices, according to publicly available data. In fact, even as EU biofuels production has increased, global food prices fluctuated more in line with oil prices. In its annual renewable energy progress reports, the European Commission confirms that EU biofuels policy has not led to negative impacts on food prices.

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