Alternative fuels are essential to delivering the Green Deal


Decarbonising road transport requires making the most of low-carbon solutions that work in the vehicles Europeans continue to rely on. In a new joint position paper, a coalition of EU alternative fuels producers and suppliers offers a way to turn failure into success when it comes to reducing transport emissions.

The coalition includes UPEI (Europe’s independent fuel suppliers), Liquid Gas Europe (the European LPG association), ePURE (the European renewable ethanol association), and EBB (the European Biodiesel Board).

One of the toughest challenges facing the EU Green Deal is the need to decarbonise road transport, which despite much effort is still far too reliant on conventional petroleum-based fuels.

Europe can’t just snap its fingers and make every car on the road a zero-emission vehicle. To have any chance of turning its emissions-reduction ambitions into reality, the EU needs to make better use of cost-effective, easily implemented, low-carbon solutions in the cars Europeans are driving now and will be driving for many years to come.

Read the full article in EURACTIV here.

Read the full joint position paper here.

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