Biofuels: Protecting the climate and keeping Europe competitive


The November 2022 issue of The Parliament magazine features articles from MEP Barbara Thaler and ePURE Director General David Carpintero on how unleashing the potential of biofuels can help both decarbonise transport and fight climate change.

Thaler writes: "As Parliament’s RED III Rapporteur in the Transport and Tourism Committee, I know the huge potential biofuels and efuels have for our environment, our economy, and for Europe´s independence. Consequently, I always advocated for the internal combustion engine. It is the origin of the energy that matters, not the type of engine. This is exactly the point where all the heated debates start. Technology neutrality versus command and control, top-down versus bottom-up approach. And of course, the measurement, of the life cycle versus tailpipe."

Carpintero writes: "Is the EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ package finally getting fit for purpose? After more than a year of impassioned debate, lawmakers generally agree that reducing emissions from transport requires a major role for sustainable biofuels. That’s important, because biofuels such as renewable ethanol – produced from European crops, wastes and residues – are the most immediate, affordable, sustainable and socially inclusive solution the EU has to reduce emissions from the petrol and hybrid cars that will predominate on Europe’s roads for a long time."

Read the full articles from David Carpintero and MEP Barbara Thaler here.

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