ePURE Member Spotlight: Clariant completes construction of cellulosic ethanol plant in Romania


In this ePURE Member Spotlight column, Clariant reports on its newly completed advanced biofuel plant in Romania.

In October, Clariant announced the construction completion of the first commercial sunliquid cellulosic ethanol plant in Romania. The flagship plant will process approximately 250,000 tons of straw to produce around 50,000 tons of cellulosic ethanol per annum.

This investment also brings substantial benefits to the region, representing a significant contribution to the region’s local employment and economic growth potential. By locally sourcing feedstock, greenhouse gas emission reduction can be maximized.

Also, additional business opportunities will arise along the regional value chain. Co-products produced by the process will be used for the generation of renewable energy, making the plant independent of fossil energy sources. Therefore, the resulting cellulosic ethanol is an almost carbon neutral second-generation biofuel.

Besides application as a drop-in solution for fuel blending, this offers further downstream application opportunities into bio-based chemicals and for sustainable aviation fuel.

Europe’s renewable ethanol industry continues to innovate in ways that increase sustainability and help reduce emissions from transport – making it a vital part of the drive for carbon-neutrality.

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