E is for Ethanol… and a lot more: Watch our new videos on how renewable ethanol helps make the EU Green Deal real


It says E10 on the petrol pump? The E is for Ethanol, a renewable fuel that reduces greenhouse gas emissions from petrol cars and helps achieve EU Green Deal ambitions.

The E is also for Economy... and for Émilie

The E is also for Europe... and for Ernst

The E is also for the Environment... and for Elena

We know real farmers understand the importance of EU renewable ethanol production to Europe's economy -- providing an important source of income to growers even as it helps achieve #EUGreenDeal targets for emissions reduction. And we know young Europeans really do care about the environment -- and especially about reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

EU renewable ethanol has a big role to play in making the #EUGreenDeal real, reducing emissions from petrol cars.

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