ED95: An ethanol blend to fuel Europe’s heavy-duty transport


ED95 is a fuel grade containing up to 95% ethanol that can be used in certain heavy-duty vehicles. It can deliver the energy efficiency of a diesel engine while reducing emissions of CO, NOx and CO2 over the full fuel lifecycle compared to fossil diesel.

The EU is struggling to reduce emissions from transport – and especially from trucks and buses. It needs to promote renewable-energy technologies that can make an important impact.

Scaling up the use of renewable ethanol-based ED95 in trucks and buses could:

  • Significantly reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from heavy-duty road transport, which is about a quarter of total EU transport emissions, according to the UNFCCC
  • Help EU countries meet their renewables targets in transport
  • Contribute to long-term EU emissions-reduction
  • Improve air quality in cities

For more information on ED95, download our infographic.

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