ePURE joins in launch of ENZA, the European Net Zero Alliance


ePURE is one of 17 EU associations that have joined together to form ENZA, a new alliance advocating for cross-sectoral climate neutrality solutions.

ENZA (European Net Zero Alliance) member associations include energy, industry, buildings, mobility, forestry and agriculture sectors.

“Our members have come together because the easiest and most cost-effective pathway to 2050 climate neutrality is to take advantage synergies across a range of both sectors and vectors,” said ENZA Chair Paul Voss at the alliance’s 30 March launch event. “We hope our cooperation is a living example of this principle translated into practice.”

The event included presentations from ENZA members as well as remarks from Tudor Constantinescu of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy, who highlighted the need for increased decarbonisation ambitions to achieve EU Green Deal, as well as the importance of "system integration."

ENZA has coalesced around 10 guiding principles calling for:

  • the achievement of climate neutrality in the EU by 2050 at the latest, through clear and identifiable achievement of the 2030 target and intermediate energy and climate objectives that will help manage our common carbon budget in a cost-effective way
  • ambitious short- and long-term targets to incentivise renewable, decarbonised and low-carbon energy production
  • coherence between current and future legislation
  • use of existing and new infrastructure for efficient solutions; clear network access rules to leverage synergies between vectors
  • credible and tradable certificates
  • technology neutrality
  • fit-for-purpose state aid rules to support climate-neutrality
  • efficient and affordable decarbonisation solutions for end users
  • facilitating and integrating decentralised solution while harnessing Europe’s well-functioning Internal Energy Market

"Renewable ethanol is already making a positive impact in the transition to a carbon-neutral Europe, but it has the potential to do even more in the coming decades," said ePURE Secretary-General Emmanuel Desplechin. "As the unified voice of the European renewable ethanol industry, ePURE will work with other ENZA members to promote sustainable decarbonisation solutions that can make the EU Green Deal real."

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