EU biofuels curbs would ‘put quality feed supplies at risk’


The European Union, which already imports some $12bn of plant proteins for feed, would raise further its reliance on buy-ins by implementing plans to cut biofuel production, farmers groups Copa and Cogeca said. The European Commission is mulling curbs on biofuels which could cut to 3.8% in 2030, from 7% in 2021, the maximum contribution liquid biofuels can make to the bloc's renewable energy target. The idea comes against longstanding concerns in some parts of the commission over the impact that biofuel production may have in boosting food prices, in exacerbating competition for crops, and a drive to boost the development of technology making fuels from agricultural waste instead. A draft of the commission proposal said that a "progressive reduction" in food-based biofuels, and their replacement by so-called "advanced" alternatives would "realise the potential for decarbonising the transport sector".

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