EU renewable ethanol: Making ‘Fit for 55’ fit for purpose


The EU has set important new goals for emissions reduction in transport, but the legislative proposals in its ‘Fit for 55’ package do not always give enough of a role to a proven decarbonisation solution: renewable liquid fuels such as European ethanol.

Fully enabling sustainable biofuels in the drive to carbon-neutrality is just common sense. Even under a scenario in which electric vehicles make rapid gains in market share and the sale of internal combustion engines is phased out, the EU car fleet will consist predominantly of vehicles that run fully or partly on liquid fuel in 2030 and beyond.

For these petrol and hybrid cars, the EU has a readymade, homegrown solution: renewable ethanol is the most immediate, cost-effective, sustainable and socially inclusive way to reduce emissions. Europe cannot afford to ignore this important part of the ‘Fit for 55’ equation.

Find out more about how unleashing renewable ethanol can make ‘Fit for 55’ fit for purpose in our new infographic.

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