Europe’s agricultural sector braces for impact of the EU Farm-to-Fork Strategy


ePURE joined a broad coalition of agricultural stakeholders in issuing a declaration on the one-year anniversary of the European Commission's publication of the EU Farm-to-Fork Strategy. The statement, published by Copa-Cogeca, the European Farmers and Agri-Cooperatives association, raises concerns about the lack of an impact assessment on the strategy and how it will affect European farmers and the larger agri-food community, including the renewable ethanol industry.

"Let's be perfectly clear, we are not opposed in essence to the approach proposed within the Farm to Fork strategy or the Green Deal," the statement reads. "We are all conscious that our food system must integrate further measures to improve its sustainability as fast as possible while maintaining the highest quality standards and food affordability. Nevertheless, not only will this strategy have an impact on the environmental quality of our agriculture, but it will also impact on our production capacity, our competitiveness, our imports and ultimately on consumer prices."

Read the full statement here.

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