Falling in love again… with biofuels?


POLITICO - As the saying goes, love is blind. But what happens when the honeymoon is over and you realize the other partner isn’t perfect? We can draw a parallel with what has happened to biofuels in Europe. Having been hailed as the one technology capable of decarbonizing the transport sector, biofuels have since been accused of being unsustainable. But there is still time to save the relationship. With trusted mediators bringing solid evidence back into the discussion, we can build a stronger foundation for biofuels in Europe that will enable sustainable ones to flourish, including new generations of advanced biofuels. It’s a partnership worth fighting for. Biofuels such as renewable ethanol — which reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 64 percent on average compared to petrol — can play a big role in meeting EU transport decarbonization goals. If we fail, we will seriously impede the EU’s ability to reach its climate ambitions.

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