Food, Feed and Fuel for Europe: The future of renewable ethanol


ePURE Director General David Carpintero writes in Ethanol Producer Magazine: "Predicting the future direction of EU biofuels policy has never been easy, but developments in the last few months have given some refreshingly clear signposts to a promising road ahead for the European renewable ethanol industry.

"As policymakers hammer out the final details of the so-called Fit for 55 package of climate and energy legislation, there is at least general agreement that reducing emissions from transport requires an important role for sustainable biofuels. That’s important, because biofuels such as renewable ethanol are the most immediate, affordable, sustainable and socially inclusive solution the EU has to reduce emissions from the petrol and hybrid cars that will continue to predominate on Europe’s roads for a long time."

Read the full article in Ethanol Producer Magazine.

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