French study boosts renewable ethanol in road transport decarbonisation debate


EURACTIV reports on the findings of a recent French study comparing the life-cycle emissions of various automobile powertrains.

"A new French study found that hybrid vehicles running with up to 85% renewable ethanol (E85) are just as climate-friendly as electric vehicles if the “full-life-cycle” argument is taken into account. According to the ethanol industry, the findings are key in addressing the ongoing deadlock in the EU debate on banning internal combustion engine cars from 2035.

"The study, conducted by IFPEN – a French public institute dealing with energy and environment – measured and compared the greenhouse-gas emissions of vehicles powered solely by petrol, plug-in flex-fuel hybrids running on E85, and all-electric cars, based on a full life cycle analysis. The E85 means a vehicle runs on 85% renewable ethanol and 15% fossil petrol.

"The life cycle analysis, according to the study, accounts for all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions connected with the vehicle and its battery (from manufacture to recycling), as well as in the energy used (production, refinery, transport, distribution and combustion)."

Read the full article in EURACTIV here.

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