Get ready to celebrate European Bioenergy Day


A cleaner, climate-friendly future depends on increasing the uptake of renewable energy. This is especially true for the transport sector, the leading emitter of greenhouse gases in Europe.

That's why ePURE is a partner of AEBIOM's European Bioenergy Day campaign, which highlights the role the bioenergy – including sustainable biofuels like European ethanol – play in powering the EU.

Imagine spreading Europe's energy consumption across the calendar: for most of the year it runs on fossil fuel and nuclear power. Its current renewable energy consumption accounts for 66 days out of the year, and 41 of those are from bioenergy.

That's why from 21 November to the end of the year we'll be celebrating European Bioenergy Day with a series of success stories and information about the importance of bioenergy.

Discover more about European Bioenergy Day here.

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