Governments need to boost biofuels to meet green goals, says IEA expert


In a new interview published in EURACTIV, International Energy Agency (IEA) expert Paolo Frankl says policymakers urgently need to address the global drop in biofuel output caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in order to meet transport decarbonisation goals.

In its Renewables 2020 report, the IEA anticipates an 11.6% drop in global transport biofuel production compared to 2019 – the first reduction in annual production in two decades.

Even with an expected rebound in 2021, Frankl told EURACTIV, it will be important to have policies providing additional support to the biofuel sector.

“In the end, what really matters is to have real sustainability and continue to design and implement policies that have this as a real concrete outcome,” Frankl said.

Read the full interview in EURACTIV here.

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