How biofuels help ensure Europe’s energy security and sustainability


ePURE's Simona Vackeová writes in the latest issue of Ethanol Producer Magazine:

"Russia’s war in Ukraine has led the European Union to reconsider its approach to energy and food independence and highlighted the importance of sticking to its climate ambitions even in an uncertain world. European renewable ethanol has an important role to play in this new reality: helping to reduce the EU’s dependence on fossil fuels, and imports of animal feed, by ensuring a dependable domestic supply.

"The European Commission’s RePowerEU proposal to boost EU energy security is an important step to reducing dependence on imported crude oil and ensuring stable domestic production of fuel and food, while continuing the drive toward carbon-neutrality and a circular economy. The proposal focuses mainly on gas and electricity production—but it should also make a more explicit call for increased production of biofuels such as renewable ethanol. That’s because biofuels—a proven, domestically sourced technology for reducing emissions from road transport, and the leading source of renewable energy in transport—have a valuable strategic role to play in this effort."

Read the full article in Ethanol Producer Magazine. 

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