It’s time for Europe to do better on biofuels


ePURE Director General David Carpintero writes in the latest issue of Ethanol Producer Magazine: "In recent months, the EU has taken important steps towards strengthening energy independence and food security while sticking to ambitious commitments in the fight against climate change. But it keeps sending mixed signals when it comes to making the best use of an immediate, cost-effective and socially inclusive solution to all these challenges: sustainable biofuels.

"One example is the agreement reached by EU Member States in June on a de facto ban on sales of cars with internal combustion engines in 2035. Basically, EU policymakers have placed all their bets for transport decarbonization on one technology that is growing but still not widespread: electrification. In doing so they have further minimized the role that renewable ethanol could play in reducing emissions from the petrol and hybrid cars that Europeans continue to buy and drive.

"Europe needs a range of solutions to decarbonize transport—including renewable ethanol—not just one technology that isn’t yet fully attainable for all segments of society. A more realistic EU approach would make it clear to EU citizens that there are no “zero emission” cars. Measured on a full lifecycle, there are always emissions and always costs. A socially inclusive transition to carbon neutrality should empower all citizens and all countries, not just those who can afford new technologies and infrastructure."

Read the full article in Ethanol Producer Magazine.

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