Joint Statement: A Taxonomy Delivering Sustainable Growth in Europe


ePURE joins 18 other EU associations representing important and innovative economic sectors in reacting to the European Commission's recent report on defining sustainable investments, the so-called 'Taxonomy Regulation'.

"A more solid and coherent approach is now required to provide the clarity, objectivity and predictability needed in order to accelerate investments in sustainable solutions, guarantee affordable financing, safeguard energy supply security at acceptable cost, but also boost innovation and competitiveness in Europe," the statement reads.

The statement calls on the Commission to apply some key principles. Going forward, the future Taxonomy:

  • should help implement the adopted EU legislation, including the EU energy, climate and circular economy legislation as well as other sectoral legislation
  • should be subject to impact assessments prior to application of criteria and thresholds
  • should be technology-neutral and lead to investment in innovation, infrastructure and solutions that help achieve the EU goals cost-effectively
  • should adopt a transitional, evidence-based and pragmatic approach
  • should better tackle environmental sustainability but also the social and economic pillars of sustainability

To download the full statement, click here.

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