#MindTheGap2030: Why the EU should adjust the cap on renewable ethanol


Alternatives to liquid fuels are not yet just around the corner – but the 2030 deadline for reducing the EU’s GHG emissions by 55% is. And every second and every degree of emissions reduction counts for the future of our planet.

European renewable ethanol (also known as bioethanol) is produced to strict EU sustainability criteria that protect the environment and has achieved reduced GHG emissions year on year since 2011. What’s more, itready-made, homegrown solution: renewable ethanol is the most immediate, cost-effective, sustainable and socially inclusive way to meet the EU’s 2030 goals to reduce GHG emissions. 

Read more about how the EU must Mind the Gap on our special campaign page. Download our campaign factsheet. And watch our video below to see us take our campaign to the heart of the EU capital:

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