New data: Bioenergy Europe publishes 2021 Biofuel Statistical Report


Bioenergy Europe has published its annual statistical report and policy briefing, with input from ePURE and the European Biodiesel Board.  According to the report, the transport sector, alongside industry and buildings, "is the main energy user and source of emissions and is still heavily dominated by fossil fuels. Despite readily available solutions, in 2019 the share of renewables in transport was a mere 6.81%.

"Consumption of biofuels has constantly grown in the last decade with sustainable biofuels accounting for 89% of renewable energy in transport," Bioenergy Europe said in a statement. "Despite a growth in biofuel consumption in the last decade, with biofuels as the main source of renewable energy in transport, the sector remains heavily reliant on fossil fuels. This is mainly because of policies that hinder the use of biofuels."

“The lesson from these numbers is clear: biofuels such as renewable ethanol have been the main driver in replacing fossil fuels in EU transport – but it hasn’t been enough," said Emmanuel Desplechin, ePURE Secretary-General. "The potential contribution of sustainable biofuels to the fight against climate change has been minimised and hamstrung by policies that limit their use and instead artificially inflate the contribution of other renewables with multipliers. For Europe to achieve its Green Deal goals, it needs to unleash the power of EU ethanol.”

Read the Bioenergy Europe 2021 Biofuel Statistical Report Policy Brief here.

Read the Bioenergy Europe press release here.

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