New interactive tool: How ethanol can help your country reduce emissions


EU countries are scrambling to figure out how to reduce transport emissions in the fight against climate change, but they have a ready-made solution that could make a huge impact today.

Now it’s possible to see exactly how much they could do with the right policies in place. A new interactive tool shows just how much difference countries could make by increasing the use of ethanol in petrol – which would have an immediate impact on car emissions.

ePURE’s new online CO2 calculator allows you to see just how much GHG savings – expressed in the equivalent number of cars taken off the road – ethanol use would mean for each EU country. It also shows how much each country could avoid in the cost of imported oil.

The easy-to-use interface allows you to select whether your country would switch to E10 (up to 10% ethanol blended into petrol), E20 (20% ethanol) or E85 (up to 85% ethanol) and watch the positive results change.

Give it a try now and be sure to share the results!


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