Solar Impulse Foundation calls on EU Member States to increase use of biofuels


A new report from the Solar Impulse Foundation confirms the importance of sustainable biofuels such as renewable ethanol for Member States achieving their EU climate targets.

The foundation – headed by noted environmentalist and aviation pioneer Bertrand Piccard – emphasized in a newly published report, Updating the 2030 National Energy and Climate Plans, that when it comes to renewables in transport, biofuels must play a bigger role.

Specifically, the report calls on Member States to “Increase mandatory biofuel blending. For example, implement or expand the distribution of E10 (ethanol at 10% in gasoline) and E85 as renewable fuel produced from sustainably grown crops, wastes and residues.”

Importantly, the Solar Impulse Foundation’s leaders, including Piccard, visited with policymakers in various EU Member States to highlight the report’s findings.

The report comes just as G7 countries also stressed the importance of biofuels fight against climate change, calling them vital to “swiftly and substantially reducing GHG emissions from the global fleet” of vehicles.

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