The blend is the trend: EU countries are turning to E10 ethanol to reduce emissions


Europeans continue to push their national governments and the European Union to raise the stakes in the fight against climate change. Several countries have found at least one way to respond to that outpouring of support with an action that can have an immediate impact on emissions reduction: adopting E10 as the standard petrol blend. And as new research shows, Europe could easily turn to even higher ethanol blends.

In recent months, three EU member states—Slovakia, Hungary and Lithuania—have decided to increase their use of renewable ethanol in transport to meet national climate and renewables targets. When they officially switch to E10 at the beginning of 2020, those countries will join a growing list of member states that promote renewable ethanol use as a climate and air-quality solution.

Read more from ePURE's Emmanuel Desplechin in the new issue of Ethanol Producer Magazine.


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