The Netherlands turns to E10 ethanol blend to reduce auto emissions


The Netherlands has switched its standard petrol blend to E10, which contains up to 10% renewable ethanol, in order to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from cars on its roads. The switch from E5 to the more environmentally friendly E10 took effect nationwide on 1 October.


E10 is compatible with nearly all petrol cars on the road today in Europe. Beyond its important benefits for the climate, E10 also:

  • helps EU Member States meet their environmental and renewable energy targets
  • boosts performance and efficiency in optimised engines
  • requires little to no change to transport infrastructure
  • is made from domestic feedstock rather than imported fossil fuel

E10 is already sold widely in several European countries, including Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Romania. The U.K. has also been considering switching to E10 as the standard petrol grade.

To read more about E10, click here for English and here for Dutch. To find out how much your country could reduce emissions by switching to E10 (or higher ethanol blends E20 and E85), try this interactive CO2 calculator.

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