WATCH: New videos feature European ethanol industry leaders


Renewable ethanol is an immediate, practical solution for decarbonisation

Why is renewable ethanol a cost-effective, immediate solution for emissions-reduction? ePURE President Valérie Corre of Tereos explains how the GHG-saving performance of renewable EU ethanol keeps getting better and better.

Reducing emissions is vital for future generations

What motivates the EU renewable ethanol industry? ePURE Vice-President Stephan Meeder of CropEnergies talks about the importance of reducing CO2 emissions for future generations, and how ethanol producers keep innovating.

Measuring emissions across the full life-cycle

How does renewable EU ethanol reduce emissions from petrol cars? ePURE's Emmanuel Desplechin explains how the savings are measured from growing the plant to the production process to use in cars on the road.

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