What EU Member States say about biofuels in transport


A new article in EURACTIV looks at national positions on biofuels in transport as the RED II trilogue negotiations get under way. The vast majority of EU Member States, especially the Visegrad countries, fully back the 7% cap on crop-based biofuels. At the same time, several Member States have expressed their concerns about the proposed palm oil ban and its impact on trade. For its part, the ethanol industry insists that crop-based biofuels should not all be put in the same box due to their different climate impact. It blames the Commission for refusing to distinguish environmentally friendly bioethanol from other biofuels – and in particular biodiesel, which has a greater climate impact. EU farmers association Copa-Cogeca has also said that from an EU food chain and protein supply point of view, EU crop-based biofuel sectors provide a valuable source of protein-rich cake for feed purposes. photo © European Union

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