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EU renewable ethanol hits new record level for greenhouse-gas reduction as industry drives toward carbon-neutrality


Renewable ethanol from ePURE members reduced GHG emissions by more than 78% compared to fossil fuel in 2022, according to the latest audited producer data; EU ethanol refineries produced more food and feed than fuel

BRUSSELS, 13 June 2023 – Production and use of renewable ethanol from ePURE members reduced greenhouse-gas emissions by an average of 78.4% compared to fossil fuels in 2022, according to newly certified data. It was the 11th consecutive year in which EU renewable ethanol increased its GHG-reduction score.

The record-breaking figure highlights the continuing innovation of the European renewable ethanol industry as biorefineries decrease emissions and improve the already impressive sustainability of EU crop-based and advanced biofuels.

The new data comes as policymakers determine what role sustainable biofuels such as renewable ethanol can play in the drive to carbon-neutrality.

“Domestic production of EU renewable ethanol has never been more strategically important, contributing to Europe’s food security, energy independence and and transport decarbonisation goals,” said David Carpintero, Director General of ePURE, the European renewable ethanol association.

“Every year ePURE members improve their production processes with solutions that aren’t just on the drawing board but already deliver results now – including capture of biogenic CO2 and increased production of food, feed and fuel,” Carpintero added. “This places Europe’s renewable ethanol industry as a world leader in terms of sustainability.”

The record-high GHG-saving performance of ePURE members’ ethanol was also accompanied by significant production of food and feed co-products (5.9 million tonnes of commercial product) and of captured CO2 (1.1 million tonnes) – more ways in which ethanol production contributes to EU food security and offsets fossil fuel use.

Once again, ePURE members produced more food and feed co-products than renewable ethanol – more food than fuel.

The 2022 findings were compiled from ePURE members and certified by auditing firm Copartner.

ePURE’s membership includes 21 producing companies with around 50 refineries across the EU and UK, accounting for about 85% of EU renewable ethanol production.


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