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New data: Europe’s ethanol industry produces low-carbon fuel and high-protein feed


Statistics from European renewable ethanol association members in 2016 show high GHG-reduction compared to petrol, important production of animal feed

BRUSSELS – European renewable ethanol association (ePURE) members produced 5.2 billion litres of ethanol and 4 million tonnes of high-protein animal feed in 2016, according to new audited data released today by the industry association.

Some 78% of the total output was for fuel ethanol use – resulting in an average of more than 66% greenhouse-gas savings compared to petrol in 2016. That level of GHG-reducing performance increased for the fifth year in a row as the sustainability of European renewable ethanol continues to improve.

ePURE represents 39 companies, with 43 production plants in 16 EU member states. The production output of these companies in 2016 represented 82% of their 6.3 billion-litre installed capacity. Renewable ethanol production from ePURE members also resulted in 5.5 million tonnes of co-products, of which 4 million tonnes was high-protein, GMO-free animal feed that helps offset the need for imports.

Another important figure: 99.9% of the crops used to make European renewable ethanol were grown by European farmers.

“Renewable ethanol remains an important source of low-carbon fuel and high-quality animal feed for the EU – and of income for Europe’s struggling farmers,” said Emmanuel Desplechin, ePURE Secretary General. “But it is clear Europe could do a lot more if the right policies are in place. Across Europe, people want their governments to support sustainable biofuels like EU ethanol. As concerns grow about urban air quality and climate change, here is a homegrown solution that works in today’s vehicle fleet.”

For more statistics from 2016, see our new infographic.

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