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UK Supreme Court ruling on air quality – reaction from the European renewable ethanol industry


Following last week’s UK Supreme Court ruling that the UK Government must revise its national air quality plans to tackle nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions, a greenhouse gas mainly attributed to diesel fuel use, Robert Wright, Secretary-General of ePURE, the European renewable ethanol industry association, said: “17 Member States of the EU are in breach of their air quality targets and this is causing major health problems for many thousands of people across Europe, particularly in urban areas. Policymakers need to act. Far greater use of petrol blended with renewable ethanol, such as E10, will deliver far better air quality and at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “As the EU develops and decides it's 2030 climate and energy package over the next couple of years, it needs to ensure an effective balance between promoting air quality, protecting human health and ensuring reduced GHG emissions. Renewable ethanol is the best available fuel option for ensuring this balance.”

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