New study shows diesel worse for climate than petrol


New research from the NGO Transport & Environment shows that diesel cars not only pollute the air but also emit more climate-change emissions than petrol cars.

The T&E report found, based on a lifecycle analysis, that on average diesel cars emit 3.65 tonnes of CO2 more than petrol vehicles. Moreover, complex diesel engines require more materials and energy to build – further reducing their effectiveness in reaching GHG-reduction goals. The findings come as diesel cars are under increasing scrutiny from European regulators, and as the EU struggles to decarbonise its transport sector.

The report follows the recent publication of a European Commission report on the benefits of higher ethanol blends in petrol, which include reduced pollution and better greenhouse-gas emission savings.

Meanwhile, European renewable ethanol continues to improve its performance in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and harmful pollutants. Find out more about the benefits of ethanol for engines – and for the environment, by clicking here.

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