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ePURE reaction to Council agreement on car and van CO2 targets


Following the EU Council of Ministers agreement on a General Approach for the revision of car and van CO2 standards, ePURE issued the following statement from Director General David Carpintero:

"Europe needs a range of solutions to decarbonize transport — including renewable ethanol — not just one technology that isn’t yet fully attainable for all segments of society. A more realistic EU approach would make it clear to EU citizens that there are no 'zero emission' cars. Measured on a full life-cycle, there are always emissions and always costs.

As part of its review of what constitutes ‘CO2 neutral fuels’, the Commission should take into account the continuously improving GHG-reduction performance of EU renewable ethanol, and recent studies that show hybrid vehicles running on high-ethanol blends have lower GHG emissions than battery electric vehicles on a full-life-cycle basis.

The fact is we need more than just one solution to achieve real decarbonisation today and tomorrow without hitting consumers’ purchasing power and adapting to their needs. A socially inclusive transition to carbon neutrality should empower all citizens, not just those who can afford new technologies, and all countries, not just those that can afford new infrastructure.”

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