First-generation biofuels just as sustainable as second-generation, new study shows


First-generation crop-based biofuels are just as sustainable as second-generation, "advanced" biofuels, and deliver significant greenhouse-gas reductions, according to a new study from the nova-Institute think tank.

The findings come as the European Parliament and EU Member States are considering a proposal from the European Commission to phase out crop-based biofuels such as renewable EU ethanol – even though they contribute significantly to transport decarbonisation.

According to the authors of the comprehensive sustainability assessment, "first-generation bioethanol is as advantageous as second generation bioethanol for a feasible climate strategy. The results clearly indicate that the systematic discrimination against first-generation biofuels of the current Commission proposal is in no way founded on scientific evidence. It would be counterproductive to further lower the share of first generation fuels in the EU’s energy mix."

To see the full study, click here.

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